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Jon Åslund's Journal
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Below are the 19 most recent journal entries recorded in Jon Åslund's LiveJournal:

Sunday, June 10th, 2007
2:11 am
It was 2 years ago (on the day) that I last updated my livejournal. Happy birthday Hiatus! I probably won't update my livejournal more often, since I usually write stuff in my blog now. http://jon.aslund.org

I write roughly about the same things, but even more seldom than usual and almost always in Swedish, because it's easier to express my thoughts and then unjumble them down to keypresses.

If you want to follow it on your friends page, you can add [info]jooonfeed, which miraculous_m created for me (thanks). You can comment the entries directly in the livejournal jooonfeed if you want, but I probably won't see the comments unless you post them on my blog.
Friday, June 10th, 2005
10:58 pm
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
9:43 am
Platform games and chocolate drinks
When I was young, there was a genre of games called platform games. The one I liked the most was called Great Giana Sisters, which was of course a big Super Mario Bros rip off. In most of the games you could stand at the end of a ledge with just the last pixel of your toe, and still not fall down. Some days ago I had a flashback of this when I saw a Pucko (Swedish milk chocolate drink) in a vending machine. You have probably been there yourself, you buy something, but it gets stuck and won't fall down. The Pucko I saw however, was defying gravity, claiming "I am standing with at least one pixel on the ledge". Maybe it was afraid it was going to be crushed because of the high fall.

Monday, June 6th, 2005
2:25 pm
How I want bittorrent to work


I want to serve files with bittorrent, just as easily as I serve files with a web server. Just upload the files to a directory on a server somewhere. A torrent file is automatically generated after the file is completely uploaded to the directory, and a bittorrent client running on the server starts to seed the torrent.

There should be an easy way to browse the files, just like you can browse files in index lists of many web servers. Nothing fancy is needed, but could of course be built. When users wants to download a file, they will get the torrent file instead.

A tracker is not needed if everyone are using the latest bittorrent client (as of 4.1.0). You just need to point to your own client, and/or a routing client, like router.bittorrent.com. However, if you can run a bittorrent client on the same host that runs a web server, it is quite easy to setup a tracker as well. This will also be compatible with other bittorrent clients, and older versions of bittorrent.

Now comes my main point. Bandwidth is unfortunately expensive. You usually don't want to serve big files like you normally serve with bittorrent on a host where you have a web server.

Therefore, there should be an option for your seeding client to be as conservative with bandwidth as possible, since most hosting companies have limits on bandwidth usage. This can be done by doing something similar to "superseeding", when the server is the only one that has the complete torrent, where you try to never upload the same piece twice, unless it is needed, and stop seeding when the file is fully distributed among the other peers.

The conservative mode, does have some problems though. You can't know for sure if a file is fully distributed or not. If someone wants to stop you from distributing a file, they would just have to start seeding that file, without actually giving out any pieces, or just giving out junk pieces. Then it would look like the file is fully distributed, even though it is not, and your seeding client in conservative mode would stop. Eventually, when enough good peers have left, the file is not distributed any longer and will never be available anymore. You could try to fix that by checking for distribution speed. If no peers are getting any new pieces, they will never report new pieces and then it would look like distribution has stopped, but this is easy to fake as well of course, so it would be a pretty pointless check.

What probably would be better is to hope peers are well behaved, serve at full speed when you are the only seed and slow down the more distributed it looks like a file gets.

A log of all the traffic should be made, so you could see which files you have seeded, how much of them, and how much in total of course. To be able to check at any moment what is currently being uploaded, how many peers are connected, etc. would of course also be interesting to see. Total amount (and their ip addresses) of peers connected to you maybe an interesting stat to log as well, but bandwidth per file and total is what is most important to me.

Sunday, June 5th, 2005
11:50 am
Ilka rests in pieces

ilka died yesterday. I had her locked up in a closet. Friends tell me that was the reason; I didn't give her enough air. ilka was one of my computers, named after a Miss Sweden pageant from 2001. Even though she seemed like an incredibly cool person, I seriously doubt that the real Ilka would feel honored. :)


It started with a few lost packets. Grrr, that stupid ISP, I thought. Before calling them, I checked the hardware. Don't want to complain to tech support and feel like an idiot just because a network card had gone bad or something like that. I connected my laptop. No packet loss. It was when I tried to replace the network cable, to see if it was faulty, that I felt something weird. A tingling sensation, not unlike foot orgasm (eh, yeah, I should probably explain that later), but instead through the hand that was fumbling around the back, trying to pull out the cable. Electrical current. Not good. Although it took a while to realize how serious it was. I think I had a bath, a banana and read some blogs, before starting to panic and taking a new backup of important things. I came halfway through the backup before ilka died. No smoke or explosion with cool special effects, she just stopped.

I feared the worst, quickly mounted the hard drives in another computer, because I somehow felt I needed to hurry. No data lost. Yay! Not that I had anything terribly important, that wasn't backed up elsewhere, but still it's annoying. It is short term solution though. My desktop computer now has 4 hard drives, and is very noisy, especially with the addition of ilka's older drives. The rest of ilka is now lying on the floor in pieces, totally silent and motionless.

Monday, May 30th, 2005
4:10 am
I have a girlfriend, in a parallell universe

I mentioned on irc today that I liked Canadians because they gave me Lexx and Charlie Jade. Then I had to explain who Charlie Jade was. I didn't think of him as a nerd, but now I know.

<Jooon> I love canada. canadians gave me lexx and charlie jade
<boblet> I don't know who charlie jade is
<boblet> is she both hot and single?
<Jooon> well, he is a bit steamy when it rains, so yeah, he is hot
<Jooon> he has a girlfriend though, in a parallell universe
<boblet> oh, like most nerds jooon :)

Here is a picture of him by the way.

charlie jade

Brushing his teeth, while on the videophone (yep, geek).

Friday, May 27th, 2005
2:05 am
Still awake
I have now been awake for roughly 34 hours. My body is tired, but I am not really sleepy. I was sleepy this morning, but it went away after a few hours, after taking that bath, and eating a bit, maybe around 14, just as it normally does, when I have slept the night before. I am not sure why I have been awake this long today, although it's hard to call it today, when you cross over days like this.

The longest I have been awake was some years ago, when me and my friend Kalle planned a nightly stay at school to finish a lab assignments. I woke up quite late that Thursday, came to school, worked during the night. We had our presentation during the next day. Was about to go home, but instead ended up at a party, where I stayed up the entire night. Then for some reason, I had entered some kind of phase, so I wasn't that sleepy either when I came home, and I stayed awake during much of Saturday. About 48 hours. I don't plan to beat it.
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
11:52 am
I was about to enter my bath, waiting for the water to fill up, when I began thinking on how to take a bath while surfing the net. That's when I realized that I might be a bit too attached to the computer.... Got to hurry. Water is filling up. Had to write this first though. :)
Sunday, May 22nd, 2005
4:33 pm
Udon noodles
I have been complaining that there is no place in Stockholm that serves good noodles. I was wrong. One of my favorite sushi restaurants, Izumi Gai, has great udon.

Udon noodles
Wednesday, May 18th, 2005
2:36 pm
Photographing people
morfeusz mentioned the problem of taking pictures of people you don't know.

I see people almost every day that I want to take a picture of. Most of the time, I don't have the camera with me, so I can't do anything about it. Other times, I can't get my camera unpacked and up in shooting mode fast enough, before they leave. There also the times when the light is so bad that I couldn't a good picture anyway, which would ruin the whole thing.

The most annoying moments are however, when you have all the time in the world, the subject is being very still, in perfect light, and all you would have to do is snap the picture. I don't want to just take a picture, because they are likely to notice me and would perhaps be bothered. Sometimes I do, but mostly it's when I am taking a picture of something and they are in the line of fire. In Greece I found it pretty easy to really point at people, making a tourist excuse to myself, especially if I was quick about it, just walking by and also taking lots of pictures of everything else. I also usually don't dare to ask people if I can their picture. When I do, they all ask if I work as a photographer and if the photo is going to be in a paper. It is most likely because my camera looks very professional.

Late last Saturday I was at the airport in Chania, going home. All the flights were late, I was getting tired and people started to sink down in their chairs, those that had chairs, others were sitting/lying on the floor leaned against a wall. I wanted to take pictures of people being tired and sleeping, but I was worried they might get annoyed easily. They were probably already plenty of being annoyed by the late flights.

After walking around a bit, the terminal wasn't big, I had found a chair. Opposite of me sat a girl, maybe 16-18 years old, long curly hair, white shoes with green shoelaces (don't know why I remember that). She was very cute as she was resting/sleeping with her head in her hand. My first thought was to take a picture. I was already having my camera up and ready, so it wouldn't have been a problem. I didn't want to take her picture before asking if it was ok. Mostly because of the people around me giving me "what a perv" stares, but perhaps mainly because of her parents, giving me the "if you so much as point that camera at my daughter, I will make you burst into flames" glare. She was also sleeping, and I didn't want to wake her up. I don't know if it's a Swedish thing, but it's custom to not wake sleeping people.

After a while she woke up, and I had no more Swedish excuses. I think I sat their 30 minutes, trying not to stare at her, trying to get the courage to ask her "hello, can I take your picture? oh, by the way, can you pretend to sleep?", in Swedish. I think she was from Norway, so the conversation would have been pretty smooth. I stand up and decide to walk over to her, exactly when my dad says the plane is leaving and we have to hurry. We really had to hurry, I was the last person on the bus, but it annoyed me the entire flight back. I am over it now though. Or perhaps not. Why else did I write this entry?
Tuesday, May 10th, 2005
11:48 pm
Sweet dream
I am currently in Greece and I wanted to spend my expensive Internet minutes on writing about one of the coolest dreams, that I have ever had. It may not sound cool to you, but that is merely because I can't describe with mere words how extraordinary it was. It was also very detailed. I have even drawn a map of the place where the events took place. I woke up, soaking wet (yes, you are curious, I know) and couldn't go back to sleep. Decided to write it all down. That was around 5-7 in the morning. Now I am transcribing everything from the paper to the computer.

Like all good things, it begins in a school. I am standing in a dimly lit corridor. Smooth red brick floor, white painted brick walls, soft yellow light, no windows, so no natural light. Yeah, that was school. You should have been there. Behind me is one of those big swing doors, metal at the bottom, small viewing holes. Normally you would find these in a hospital, not in a school. I don't remember walking through them, but for some reason they are behind me. To the left, some people are crouching, looking into a glass display. It displays various objects, nicely backlit, probably the pride of the school. Some stupid medal or a photo. On the lowest shelf are lots of balls. Some of the people I know from DDRSverige. They are much younger than me, but they fit the school role quite well. The ones I can remember though are Sai (can't remember his real name) and Johanna.

Since I have been juggling quite a bit here on the beach, with some heavy rocks, I am delighted to see some nice balls. I find a bowl full of balls that looks just like clementines. That's great. Just what I need. And they look so real too. I slide the glass door open, grab a blue (yep!), a yellow, an orange and a green one. When I grab the green one, I notice it is rotten. Just like a real one! Fantastic, so realistic. Something is dripping. It's the green one. On the floor there is a puddle of green fluid. Before someone has time to react, an old friend slides in from the right, shuts the sliding door, and slides back out again.

Looking down on the floor again, the puddle has almost become a pool, in any case, much more than could exist inside one clementine. Everyone has begun to panick slightly and they wonder how we will get rid of this mess, my mess, although, nobody says it's my fault. I look up again, and try to figure out where I can find stuff to clean this up. There should be papers and stuff at a toilet. Like the toilet to the right, exactly on the other side of the glass display, where it has been all the time. Yup, all the time.

I see Jenny entering the toilet. She looks worn out, wet, as if it was raining outside, grabbing her left arm, in pain, a bit sad, but it could be all the drops of water on her face. Our eyes meet, just before she enters. Long enough to recognize that I am a person and not a monkey, but perhaps not long enough to notice it is me. Her eyes looks odd.

I look down on the floor again. The pool is now even bigger and Sai is sitting down and messing with a tap on the wall and some grate in the floor. Apparently, the plan is to flush the green goo down the drain. Nice idea. Except for the fact that water suddenly starts to flow both from the drain and the tap. Everybody laughs, but Sai quickly explains "It's not my fault". The water keeps coming. More and more. We hear water behind us. It's coming down the corridor like a scene from an Indiana Jones movie. I scream:

"Jenny!". I rush through the water that is now almost up to the waist and opens the toilet door. I must save her. She sits on a sink, very still, just breathing. She looks straight at me, but still doesn't see me. Her left is arm is clearly broken. I move towards her but she raises her right hand. She doesn't want to be saved. She grabs some wires over her left shoulder. They look very electric. She is trying to kill herself. People are screaming. "We need to get out now!"

Nothing happens.

She falls off the sink. I grab her, lifts her up and slowly run towards the exit. The water is moving away. I thought a wall broke, but when we get outside, we realize why. There are cracks on ground, where the water flows down.

While carrying Jenny out, she finally realizes it is me and says it is typical of me to save her, but that it is too late. "Why did you try to kill yourself? Why do you want to die?" She leans forward as if to kiss me. I kiss her... for about half a second before I begin spitting rocks and sand. She opens her mouth. Her tongue is split in half, just like that of a snake and it is full of stones. She coughs and out pours something that looks like blood and sand. Her eyes are also different. They glow in yellow and have much more narrow pupils than normal.

"The sect I was in did this to me. I did not know. I tried to run, but it is pointless." I say "It's not that bad. Could be worse." which is actually true, but probably doesn't cheer her up. "You don't understand. We will all die." I had been running slowly the whole time, and was now standing at the gate. Then I saw it.

People were running, screaming. The earth has opened up. Water bursts out of some cracks and goes down in others. It is very hot. "The ones who don't die in the earthquakes and the floods will be killed, by people that look like me." Someone came running with a cat. When the cat noticed us, it went wild, hissing and screaming at Jenny. This was the end. End of days as John Rhys Davies said in Revelations. Earthquakes, floods and old girlfriends turning into snake creatures.
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
1:35 pm
South Park self
How would you look as a South Park character? I would look something like this:

Southpark Jooon
Friday, March 25th, 2005
3:51 am
pink thursday, feet and ice cream
Today was "skärtorsdagen" in Sweden, also known as Maundy Thursday in English. I have always wondered why the name was "pink thursday", since skär = pink. Now, I know. It has nothing to do with pink, even though some claim that was Jesus favourite colour. Skär comes from the very old verb skära, which nobody uses today. It kind of means cleanse. Apparently, it went down something like this. Jesus and his 12 best friends decided to have a party. When they arrived, there were no servants. Everyone was pissed off, because they were so looking forward to the traditional foot bath, before the meal. After some silence, some dragging of smelly feet and some "uh-uh, I ain't cleaning noones feet", "man, I could really use a foot rub about now", Jesus finally couldn't stand the awkwardness of his lazy friends any longer and stepped forward. "Remember guys, I am not just doing this because I love you. I want you to love me back as well." Everyone cheered "We love you Jesus!" and enjoyed their foot bath, except Peter who first refused, probably because he was so ticklish. When the cleansing of feet was over, the supper finally began and they partied like there was no tomorrow. Friday came and everyone had a hell of a hangover, especially Jesus, who someone overheard mumbling, while being nailed to the cross, "I feel like shit!"

After reading up on all that, I became so inspired that I am currently planning on having a foot bath, and eat my last supper of the day, Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream, while watching anime like there is no übermorgen.
Monday, March 21st, 2005
11:28 pm
Evil minions
I always thought evil minions was one of the most stupid things ever. They are always clumsy, and they die, and they are usually not very pretty. Today, I have changed my mind. I want to have an evil minion gang of fluffy kittens with wings.

They will roam freely around my nearest vicinity and destroy lots of things, on purpose, and by accident. They are clumsy, evil minions after all. However, since they are so cute, they can easily control other people by just looking at them. That's evil! Together, we will have tea, eat cookies and watch anime while laughing at all the silly robots.
Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
11:05 pm

Yesterday a bought a kilo of Fruchtbonbons, to give to people at work, because I am so nice. They seemed to like it. I also took a picture of their hand in the jar. Some people who noticed me doing this quickly backed out of the offer. One of them even gave me the finger, but that was actually because she noticed me aiming at her "bonbons", which I was, so I deserved it. The finger turned out very well. I especially like how she is giving it to me, while firmly holding on to an orange bonbon.
Monday, March 14th, 2005
7:45 pm
Willem Dafoe is scary
I am not easily scared when I watch movies, but there is this one guy that scares me regardless of where he shows up. You all know him, Willem Dafoe. Even when doing nice things, such as holding up doors to old ladies, I want to scream out "noooo, little old lady, don't trust him, he will crush you when you are half way through", but of course I don't. I don't want people to think I am crazy, because I am not. It also feels like crying Wolf. As far as I know, he never has crushed an old lady with a door. But that eerie feeling is there. I also have this fear of Willem Dafoe crushing me with a door or poking me in the head with an unsharpened pencil. So far, it hasn't happened, but it's just a question of time.

I asked a friend of she didn't think that Willem Dafoe was scary. She said no, even though it was totally obvious that he was a psycho, sitting there in those normal clothes, trying to look normal. It's not like he is fooling anyone. Even though he couldn't possibly have heard us of course, but at the exact moment when my friend wasn't looking, he did that thing with the finger, spinning it close to his forehead, and then pointing right at my friend to signify that she was crazy and didn't know what she was talking about. Exactly what I was thinking. It's like he is in my mind. Isn't that scary?

Also, another thing that is really freaky, is when people become Willem Dafoe. Normal people, for instance on the subway, just chatting about weather, mobile phones and rent control. When you least expect it, Willem Dafoe just enters their bodies for a brief moment. He smiles, that typical uncute Willem Dafoe smile of his, and leaves. I have asked lots of people how it feels like. It appears most people don't notice it themselves. He seems to be very sneaky that way. I once tried to convince someone that he had just become Willem Dafoe, but he didn't believe me. It was like he was ashamed. Then, while looking at his girlfriend, Willem Dafoe entered his body once more, and did that thing with the finger again. It's like he tries to make me look a fool in public and wants revenge for everything little thing I do or say about him.

The only reason I can write this about him, without pissing him off, is that he never reads livejournal and that he is currently in the kitchen making toast. He is whistling and I can smell the slightly burned cheese.
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
12:57 am
Ah, you mean that Michael!
"No email from Paul yet, I wonder if Michael will bother to pass on my email."

"Michael Bolton is really bad at passing on e-mails. Don't get your hopes up. I once wanted to ask Paul McCartney if I could borrow his boat, but didn't have his e-mail, so I asked Michael to send it to him. Michael that bastard never did anything. It turned out it was easier just giving Paul a call. Of course he didn't let me borrow his boat."
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
9:25 pm
Cheese and stuff, or more like stuff with cheese
Dear Livejournal diary. Yesterday I annoyed people at work. That was fun. I have to do it again sometime.

Today I ate Indian food with morfeusz and briseis. I had spinach and cheese. Mmm, cheese... good. We talked about livejournal and different communities and how some people just write about specific things. I think I am the kind of person who will only write about writing on livejournal and livejournal itself, like I am doing today.

Obviously, as you may (or not may) see, I am in metamood. I also want a fanclub of girls with colourful hair.

Current Mood: metamood
Friday, March 4th, 2005
9:15 pm
Everyone has a livejournal account. Me too!
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